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Alternate names: Otaci, Отачь [Mold], Ataki, Атаки [Rus], Atachi-Târg [Rom], Otik, אטיק [Yid], Atachi, Otach Tyrg, Otaci Sat, Otaci Targ, Otyk Molov, Ataky. 48°26' N, 27°48' E, In N Moldova, 30 miles NW of Soroca. On the Dnester river (Ukraine border), across from Mogilev Podolskiy, Ukraine. Jewish population: 4,690 in 1900 and 2,781 (79.4%) in 1930. The synagogue stands in ruins. The cemetery is out of town.

  • Otik: a gedenk bukh nokh a yidisher kehile in Besarabye = Yad le-Ataki: sefer zikaron le-kehilah yehudit be-Besarabia (Tel Aviv, 1993) Memorial for Ataky: A Memorial Book for a Jewish Community in Bessarabia)
  • REFERENCE: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Like Shells on a Shore. Projekt 36, Bern, Switzerland, 2010. To order, contact Mr. Geissbuhler. history and photographs. [December 2010]

Cemetery: Located in the village called Volchinets [Volchenets, Vălcineţ, Vâlcineţi, Volchinets, Vylchinetsi] at 48°27' N 27°44' E, 112.5 miles NNW of Chişinău OR 47°16' N 28°08' E, at 38.6 miles WNW of Chişinău. At the crown of a hill, a broken masonry wall with a gate that does not lock surrounds the 160.000 sq m site. The earliest of the 3,500 numbered gravestones dates from the 19th century. Holocaust memorial. A caretaker is responsible. Contact: L. Hait  (+373-271) 7-98-88 or A. Averbuh (+373-251) 2-27-82. photos [March 2009]

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