ORHEI [Orgieev, Orhaiv,, Orkhei, Orgeyev, Orgeev, Orheyev, Orheiu, Orhein, Orkey, Orkhey, Orhiiv, Orgijó, Orgiejew ] Print

Alternate names: Orhei [Rom], Orgieev [Rus], Orhaiv, אוריװ, אוריעװ [Yid], Orkhei [Mold], Orgeyev, Orgeev, Orheyev, Orheiu, Orhein, Orkey, Orkhey, Orhiiv, Orgijów [Pol], Orgiejew [Pol], Russian: Оргеев. Moldovan/Ukrainian: Орхей. Located at 47°23' N, 28°49' E, 26 miles N of Chişinău (Kishinev). 1900 Jewish population: 7,149. Yizkor Orheyev be-vinyana u-be-hurbana (Tel Aviv, 1959).


  • Located on Uniria str on a hillside, a broken fence and a gate that locks surround the 400 000 sq m site.15,000 gravestones date from the 18th century. Holocaust memorial. The soil seems subject to sliding that endangers the cemetery. Many gravestones are tilted or fallen. Jewish soldier memorial. The old part of the cemetery has unique monuments. In 1989, vandals, who destroyed 40 monuments, were convicted. photos. Contact: Mundrian Y. (+373-235) 2-11-1. [March 2009]
  • 3410 burials total.
  • REFERENCE: Simon Geissbuhler. Like Shells on a Shore. Projekt 36, Bern, Switzerland, 2010. To order, contact Mr. Geissbuhler. history and photographs. [December 2010]
  • photos and story [Apr 2016]
  • [UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [November 2017]

Photo of Holocaust Memorial [January 2016]

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