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Alternate names: Orhei [Rom], Orgieev [Rus], Orhaiv [Yid], Orgeyev, Orgeev, Orheyev, Orheiu, Orhein, Orkey, Orkhey, Orhiiv, Orkhei [Mold], Orgijów [Pol], Orgiejew [Pol], Russian: Оргеев. Moldovan/Ukrainian: Орхей. אוריװ, אוריעװ Yiddish. 47°23' N, 28°49' E, 26 miles N of Chişinău (Kishinev). yizkor: Orheyev be-vinyana u-be-hurbana (Tel Aviv, 1959). The Jewish community together with five small settlements numbers 156 people. Orgeev, situated 46 km from Kishinev, has a 2000 population of 40,000 people. [March 2009]


Cemetery: One of the oldest in the region, the oldest gravestone dates from the 16th century. [March 2009]

Jewish Cemetery of Orgeev, Orgeev, 2009. In Russian. History of Jews in Orgeev and records of buried.

JOWBR Jewish Cemetery. burial listings:


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