NIMEREUCA: Nemirovka, Lyublin, Lublin, Liublin Colony, Nimireuka, Nemyerovka Print

Alternate names: Nimereuca [Mold, Rom], Nemirovka and Люблин / Немировка [Rus], Lyublin [Yid], Lublin, Liublin Colony, Nimireuka, Nemyerovka, 48°07' N, 28°32' E, 11 miles ESE of Soroca (Soroki), on the Dniester. Jewish agricultural colony, founded 1842. Jewish population: 512 (in 1897), 274 (in 1930)


  • Lyublin (Nemirovka) Jewish Cemetery was photographed and indexed. 1 records with 1 photographs were sent to JewishGen/JOWBR. Also there is 1 more photo of an unknown grave. Please see the overview, maps, photos, access to 20 unknown photos and more at Lyublin Cemetery Report.[Apr 2016]
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