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Official seal of Comrat

Comrat Gagauz: Komrat, Romanian: Comrat, Russian: Комрат) is a city in Moldova and the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. It is located at 46°19′N 28°40′E, in the south of the country, on the Ialpug River. In 2004, Comrat's population was 23,429, of which the vast majority are Gagauzians. The name is of Turkic and Nogai origin. Source: Wikipedia. [Sep 2015]

46°18' N 28°39' E , 49.2 miles S of Chişinău


Small cemetery of Comrat was photographed and indexed. Please see the overview, maps, photos, and more at Comrat Cemetery Report. 8 photos from unknown graves. [Sep 2015]

[UPDATE] Cemetery in Komrat Needs to be Put in Order [September 2017]

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