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Alternate names: Grigoriopol [Rom, Mold - Григориопол, Yid, Pol], Grigoriopol' [Rus - Григориополь, Ukr - Григоріополь], Grigoreopol. 47°09' N, 29°18' E,
on the left bank of the Dniester, 25 miles ENE of Chişinău (Kishinev), 28 miles NW of Tiraspol, 10 miles SE of Dubăsari. Jewish population: 832 (in 1897), 796 (in 1926). Current 0


Grigoriopol Jewish Cemetery was photographed 73 records with 72 photographs sent to JewishGen/JOWBR. overview, maps, photos, access to 30 photos of Unknown graves at Grigoriopol Cemetery Report and 30 photos of unknown graves. [December 2015]

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