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FALESTI: [F?LE?TI , Falesti, Faleshti, Foleshty, Falest', Feleshti, Faleshty] PDF Print E-mail

ALTERNATE NAMES: F?LE?TI [ROM], FALESHTI [YID], FOLESHTY [RUS], FALESHT', FELESHTI, FALESHTY. Russian: ???????. Moldovan: ???????. Yiddish: ????????. 47°34' N, 27°43' E, In NW Moldova, 17 miles SW of B?l?i (Bel'tsy), 28 miles N of Ia?i. Jewish populaton: 4,518 (in 1897), 3,258 (in 1930)


I got only initial money to document the cemetery. Please consider donation so that we can start. Donate $100 to Bessasrabia-Moldova Cemetery Projec to receive the Excel table with records before they appear at JOWBR. If you find relative(s), I will send ALL photos we have for that grave. In some cases we have 2-3 photos. Yefim Kogan < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [August 2015]


The old cemetery existed as seen on the 1840 map. [August 2015]



[UPDATE] Photos by Christian Herrmann [April 2016]

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