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ALTERNATE NAMES: EDINEŢ [ROM], EDINETS [MOLD], EDINTSY and Единцы [RUS], YEDINETS and יעדינעץ   [YID], JEDEŃC. 48°10' N, 27°18' E.

Edineț, is a town in the north Moldova. located 201 km north of the national capital, Chișinău. The town administers also two villages, Alexăndreni and Gordineştii Noi. In NW Moldova, 46 miles W of Soroca (Soroki), 43 miles ESE of Khotin (Hotin), 17 miles SE of Briceni (Britshan).. The 2004 population was 17,292, including 15,624 in the town itself. Wikipedia. ]July 2013] 1930 Jewish population: Edineţi-Târg was 5,341 and in 2004, 18. 1930 Jewish population: Edineţi-Sat and 1 in Alexandreni. Today 0. (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, Volume II). Jewish popuation: 7,379 (in 1897), 5,341 (in 1930) . [July 2013]

    Yad le-Yedinits; sefer zikaron le-yehudei Yedinits-Bessarabia (Tel Aviv, 1973) (Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Romania, Volume II)
    • 2008 photo. "Took a stroll down Holocaust Street, which is a memorial located in the old Jewish street of Edinets. Edinets, everybody told us, only has about two Jews living here, which is interesting since we met about seven of them this morning, all speaking Yiddish." [July 2013]
    • JOWBR: Jewish Cemetery
    • THE EDINETS POGROM. July 6, 1941, the town of Edinets, with a Jewish population of 5,349, was occupied by Romanian troops. Two days of massacres resulted in the death of 500 Jews. Women and girls were brutally raped. Those who could not deal with the humiliation and pain committed suicide. Their bodies were buried in mass graves dug in the Jewish cemetery by some of the survivors of the pogrom. Many of the gravediggers were killed after they buried the corpses.

    [UPDATE] Photos of Alexandreni Cemetery by Charles Burns [November 2017]



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