DUMBRAVENI [Dumbraveny, Dombroven, Dumbrăvani, Dambravani, Dombroveni.] Print

Alternate names: Dumbrăveni [Rom], Dumbraveny and Думбравены [Rus], Dombroven and דאמבראווען [Yid], Dumbrăvani, Dambravani, Dombroveni. 48°03' N, 28°14' E, 8 miles SSW of Soroca (Soroki). [Not one of several places in Romania named Dumbrăveni]. Jewish population: 1,726 (in 1897), 1,198 (in 1930). This was the first Jewish Agricultural Colony in Bessarabia.

Jewish Cemetery: The Dumbraveni jewish cemetery was destroyed. Only 3 Jewish gravestones survive.

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