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ALTERNATE NAMES: DUBĂSARI [ROM, MOLD Дубэсарь ], DUBOSSARY [RUS Дубоссары , UKR Дубоссари ], DUBASAR and דובאָסאַר  [YID], DUBOSARY [POL], DOBYASSER, DUBOSARI, DUBOSAR, DUBASSAR. 47°16' N, 29°10' E, on the Dniester River, 18 miles ESE of Orhei (Orgeyev), 23 miles NE of Chişinău (Kishinev), 33 miles NNW of Bender (Tighina), 38 miles NW of Tiraspol. Jewish popuation: 5,219 (in 1897), 3,630 (in 1926)..

Dubossary founded at the end of the 17th century was one of the fortress towns on the Dniester River, navigable to the Black Sea and a main transport for wheat, produce, and lumber equal in importance to the Danube. Dubossary defended the border of old Europe against Muslims on the Moldovan side. Surrounding towns and villages were Tiraspol, Grigoriopol, Rybnitsa, Rashkov, Yogarlik, Zvanitz and Kamenka. Jewish population: 1897: 5,220 (43% of the total);1926: 3,630 (81% of the total); and 1939: 2,198 (total population 4,250). The current Dubossary population is 238 people of which 126 Jews/family members live in Dubossary and 112 in eleven surrounding villages. An April 1882 pogrom killed two Jews with much looting and destruction.  In the beginning of the 20th century the community operated a talmud torah, nine ḥadarim, and four private schools. An attempt to resuscitate the *blood libel was made in 1903.  Today, Dubossary, part of Pridnestrovie, is located approximately in the middle of the Republic. Two-thirds of its populace are Slavs and one-third ethnic Moldavians. Apart from trade, Dubossary is an industrial center with a 1955 hydro-electric power station and a reservoir. Devastated in Moldova's 1992 invasion, it was the center of some of the heaviest fighting and damage. Today, memorials can still be seen around the city honoring those who died. Source: History with photos. [March 2009]

The name Dubăsari, ethymologically Romanian, is the archaic plural form of "boatmen". Well-know for its wine, hilly surrounding and perfect microclimatical conditions for viticulture..


  • The largest Jewish cemetary of Pridnestrovje, situated in downtown Dubasari. Today only a handful Jews live in the city. The three biggest ethnic groups are Moldovans, Ukrainians and Russians in nearly equal proportion with a total population of 23 000. [June 2014]
  • New Section was indexed and photographed and sent to JOWBR . 250 burial sites, 15 from this number are unknown graves. Please see the overview, photos, maps, and more at the Final Dubossary New Section Report (added May 2014). 15 photos from unknown graves. [Sep 2015]


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