United States The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world. Every Jewish cemetery or burial site we know of is listed here by town or city, country, and geographic region is based on current locality designation. http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/index.html Tue, 23 May 2017 20:40:41 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb BALLWIN: St. Louis County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/ballwin-st-louis-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/ballwin-st-louis-county.html  

Congregation Kol Am, 14455 Clayton Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011-2712, (636) 227-7574 at http://www.uahcweb.org/congs/mo/mo003 [October 2002]


Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery: [October 2002]

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BILLINGS: Yellowstone County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/billings-yellowstone-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/billings-yellowstone-county.html  

http://www.rootsweb.com/~mtyellow/_yell.html has general Yellowstone County information. [August 2005]

Beth Aaron Congregation, Reform, 1148 N Broadway, Billings, MT 59103 (406) 248-6412 http://mt004.urj.net/ [August 2005]


Beth Aaron Cemetery: 1715 Broadwater Avenue. Established in 1918 by Congregation Beth Aaron, the cemetery serves about 500 Jews with 95 graves and 225 future sites. Dr. Brian Schnitzer, 406-248-2520, contact person. Source: Hundel Cohen, hermyn@aol.com


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BOONEVILLE: Boone County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/booneville-boone-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/booneville-boone-county.html  

see Columbia

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BROOKFIELD: see Kansas City http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/brookfield-see-kansas-city.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/brookfield-see-kansas-city.html  

see Kansas City

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COLUMBIA: Boone County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/columbia-boone-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/columbia-boone-county.html Local funeral home and monument makers: *Parker Funeral Home *The only computerized indexing was done by me. Local tombstone transcription books list names and dates also. The State Historical Society is in Columbia and has plenty of local info. Their website, http://www.system.missouri.edu/shs has contact information.


Beth Shalom Cemetery: {10915} the Jewish Section of Columbia Cemetery and formerly Beth Olem Hebrew Cemetery: 30 E. Broadway Columbia, MO 65203, Phone number: 573-449-6320 Person to contact about grave locations: Allan D. Patton, Current Superintendent. Used by Congregation Beth Shalom, 1107 University Ave. Columbia, MO 65201, 573-499-4855. (Columbia Cemetery Assn, 30 E Broadway, Columbia, (573) 449-6320. The Burial list is available at http://home.comcast.net/~scottlatman/graves1.htm. See http://www.MapsOnUs.com/bin/maps-maponly/usr=~3da048a7.dc0e1.541c.4/c=1/refsrc=SB.newsb/isredir=1/ [October 2002])
Other towns and villages that used this cemetery: Fayette, Rocheport, Booneville, and Mexico (post-1921).

Cemetery Hours: closes at dusk but superintendent lives on property. The cemetery is land-marked with a caretaker paid by Columbia Cemetery Association. Cemetery was established in 1880. Barth Family and others were buried here. The cemetery is active for the Conservative and Reform community. The urban cemetery location is on flat land and part of a municipal cemetery, marked by a sign: Columbia Cemetery. A continuous fence and a gate that locks surround the cemetery, reached by turning directly off a public road. Municipal: 34 acres, Jewish section: 1 acre, The cemetery is divided into special sections for Cohanim and children. Date of oldest gravestone: 1881. Tombstones date from 19th century and 20th century. 20-100 gravestones are in cemetery, regardless of condition or position, in original location and less than 25% of surviving stones toppled or broken. The marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and military tombstones and memorial markers are flat shaped stones, finely smoothed and inscribed stones, flat stones with carved relief decoration, double tombstones, horizontally set stones, flat/low inground plaques, and obelisks. Inscriptions on tombstones are English and Hebrew. The municipality owns the cemetery property now used for Jewish cemetery purposes only. Properties adjacent to the cemetery are commercial. Private visitors visit the cemetery occasionally.

Past maintenance includes re-erection of stones, patching of broken stones, and clearing of vegetation by local authorities. The Columbia Cemetery has an office on the grounds as well as mausoleums, etc. but the Jewish section has nothing but trees and stones, no structures. I doubt there is any sort of threat although vandals would have no problem entering the Jewish section by hopping over the fence. Scott D. Latman (1332 Jill Terrace, Homewood, IL 60430 c689830@showme.missouri.edu) completed this survey on 5/18/99 using deeds at Courthouse. He interviewed: Raymond Fountain, Former Superintendent on March 16, 1999, D. Bob Goodman, head of Chevra Kadisha and Synagogue Liaison who retired on March 31, 1999, and Elizabeth Kennedy, Member of Columbia Cemetery Association on March 17, 1999. (Phone interview. Allan Patton became the Superintendent on April 6, 1999.


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CREVE COUER: see St. Louis http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/creve-couer-see-st-louis.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/creve-couer-see-st-louis.html  

see St. Louis

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FAYETTE: see Columbia http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/fayette-see-columbia.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/fayette-see-columbia.html  

see Columbia

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HANNIBAL: Marion County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/hannibal-marion-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/hannibal-marion-county.html BOOK: Marion Co. Mo., Hannibal, Missouri


Bnai Sholem Cemetery: The cemetery is actually a separate, walled-off section within the extremely scenic Riverside Cemetery, high on the top of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, with the town and the river far below. Well maintained, the cemetery is hard to find, south of town off of highway 79 about a mile, and then up a dirt road and through the entire length of the rest of the Riverside cemetery. Source: DMeyer8415@aol.com


Riverside Cemetery: researched by Tri-County Research. Published Shelbyville, MO: K. Wilhelm Genealogical Research & Publishing, c1990.


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INDEPENDENCE: Jackson County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/independence-jackson-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/independence-jackson-county.html PIPS Code 29095, 39º51' 09º42'; Elevation: 900;


Kehilath Israel Blue Ridge Cemetery: 1901 Blue Ridge Blvd, Independence, MO 64052, (816) 461-3330 at http://www.MapsOnUs.com/bin/maps-maponly/usr=~3da045b8.981ef.286.5/c=1/refsrc=SB.newsb/isredir=1/ [October 2002] is owned by Kehilath Israel Congregation (Conservative). Kehilath Israel Blue Ridge Cemetery: p. 11735

Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Detroit MI: Gale Research Int., 1994. ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. Source: Al Rosenfield arosen@ee.net


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JASPER COUNTY: see Webb City http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/jasper-county-see-webb-city.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/missouri-mo/jasper-county-see-webb-city.html  

see Webb City

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