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Jewish history. [September 2013]

BRAZEALE CEMETERY: "The only evidence of Jewish life in Satartia lies in the Brazeale Cemetery, named after one of the town’s founders. The land is fairly elevated, which makes it both safe from flooding damage and difficult to get to. It seems that the Brazeale Burying Ground began as a general cemetery, but as two cemeteries named Phoenix and Germania developed to bury the Christian citizens, the Brazeale cemetery was left exclusively for Jews. Though most of the tombs are unconfirmed as Jewish graves, many bear Jewish names and face east in the traditional Jewish fashion. Others have Hebrew inscriptions. In 1889, Lizzie Kling, the wife of Monroe Kling, bought the part of Brazeale’s land containing several likely Jewish graves. The fact that she chose to purchase the land is further evidence she held a Jewish identity, and felt a responsibility to the other Jews buried in Satartia.The Jewish tombs in the cemetery date between 1845 and 1850." [January 2009]

map [September 2013]

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