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Jewish Community history and photos. [January 2009]

general Claiborne County information. [August 2005]

Congregation Gemilluth Chassed: history and pictures. [January 2009] Synagogue

The 1919 Jewish population was 53 according to "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States" pp. 330-583 in American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25,1919 to Sept. 12, 1920; volume 21. Edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Comm. and submitted by Alan Hirschfeld.

Gemilluth Chassed Cemetery: aka Jewish Rest Cemetery:

Burial list: January 2009

1859; Listed in National Register of Historic Places; Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Historic Preservation & Planning Consulting, P.O. Box 5877 Shreveport, LA 71135-5877.".

"In 1871, a Jewish Cemetery was purchased for $300 by Louis Kiefer, Mayer Bock, and Moses Kaufman. Previous to this purchase, the deceased members of the Jewish community were interred in the Jewish Cemeteries of either Natchez or Grand Gulf. ... In 1986, when the Jewish population of Port Gibson had dwindled to two, the congregation officially closed.   Their historic synagogue was about to torn down to make way for a parking lot, when a local non-Jewish couple stepped in and purchased the building to preserve it.  The proceeds from the sale helped to restore the Jewish cemetery on Marginal Street in Port Gibson." Source. [January 2009]

Cemetery  active November 1940 [See Turitz book mentioned at the top of this page.] Rabbi Turitz photographed most of the gravestones in the abandoned cemetery. Photographs are at the (AJA) American Jewish Archives, 3101 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2488; Telephone (513) 221-1875. (For some reason these photographs were not listed in the AJA list of holdings.)

Before 1870, Port Gibson used the Natchez cemetery. The congregation bought this site on Marginal Street for $300 in 1871. National Register of Historic Places. The historic synagogue building is now being used by a "messianic" congregation. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  [May 2005]

Jewish Cemetery: 900 Marginal Street. :"The year 1859 also saw establishment of congregation Gemiluth Chassed in Port Gibson, Mississippi, and that assembly purchased a cemetery in 1871 and erected a wonderfully exotic temple in 1892." Source:: American Jewish Archives.

photos and burial list. [Mar 2014]

"Temple Gemiluth Chassed (Acts of Righteousness) was built in Port Gibson, between Vicksburg and Natchez, in 1891". ... "(The grave for Leopold Levy in Port Gibson is marked with reverse Hebrew letters. The stone cutter was unaware that Hebrew reads right to left.)" Source:

town photos. Historic Site: Jewish Cemetery (added 1979 - Site - #79003415) 900 Marginal St., Port Gibson, 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924 [August 2005]

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