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Jewish Community history and photos. [January 2009]

general Leflore County information. [August 2005]

1919 Jewish population was 58 according to "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States" pp. 330-583 in American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25,1919 to Sept. 12, 1920; volume 21. Edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Comm. and submitted by Alan Hirschfeld

Jews of Rolling Rock worshipped and were burried here as did Jews from Anguilla, Rolling Fork, and Cary.


Beth Israel Temple: In 1897, a group of merchants met in a store house and formed the first synagogue, a Reform temple named Beth Israel. Source. [January 2009]

Temple history and photos.  Also served Jews from also those from places like Charleston, Grenada, Winona, Indianola, and Schlater. In 1989, the congregation finally decided to close.  Despite having no building and no members, Beth Israel remains a member of the Union for Reform Judaism as final president Ellis Hart continues to pay dues for the congregation. [January 2009]

Congregation Ahavath Rayim - 1907. Orthodox, 210 E Market St, Greenwood, Mississippi 38930-4423. History and photos. Jews came from neighboring towns including Belzoni, Winona, Grenada, Greenville, and Indianola [January 2009]


Ahavath Hayim Cemetery: founded 1893;

2 active  (see Turitz book] and Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Historic Preservation & Planning Consulting, P.O. Box 5877 Shreveport, LA 71135-5877. .Bowie Lane.

a few burial listings. [August 2005]

Ahavath Rayim Orthodox Jewish Cemetery

burial list and photos. [Mar 2014]

Beth Israel Cemetery:

Burial list-complete. [January 2009]

burial list and photos. [Mar 2014]


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