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Irwin I. Cohn Michigan Jewish Cemetery Index (name, cemetery, grave location and date of death) to 64,000 Jews, who died between the mid 1800s and 1999 is at  [June 2003]

Ira Kaufman Chapel (Tel no. 248-569-0020) supplied muich of the following information:

  • Aaron Moshe: Founded 1904 as Orthodox. See Hebrew Memorial Park. 21711 Masonic Boulevard, Roseville 48066, Isadore Bernstein 474-8938
  • Aaron Moshe, Beth Tefilah & B'rith Shalom Cemeteries: 13 Half Mile Rd. & Little Mack
  • Acacia Park Cemetery: Birmingham {11012}
  • Adat Shalom Memorial Park: 28500 West Six Mile Rd. & Middlebelt, Livonia, MI 48152. (734) 421-7915, Max Goldsmith 851-2270 (a.k.a. Northwest Hebrew Cemetery) . Adat Shalom Synagogue (Conservative), 29901 Middlebelt Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48018. (248) 851-5100 (online burial list)
  • Beth Shalom, Joseph Kramer, 323-9393
    Fakbahd: Max Goldsmith, 421-7915
    Beth Achim Section, Livonia, Lou Ellenson 352-8670
  • Beth Abraham, Beth Tefiloh Emanuel, & Nusach Ha'ari Cemeteries: Woodward Avenue & 8 Half Mile Rd. Beth Abraham Cemetery founded 1912: p10875 in Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Detroit MI (1994): Gale Research Int. ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. 555 Edgewood Place, Ferndale, MI 48220, (248) 399-0996.Beth Ahm, 5075 West Maple, West Bloomfield, MI. (248) 851-6880.  Cemetery located on Woodward Avenue was originally Orthodox, now Conservative. In 1922, 300 plus graves were moved within the cemetery to accommodate expansion of Woodward Avenue.
  • Beth Ahm Memorial Park: 21711 Masonic Boulevard, Roseville, MI 48066. (586) 293-3958. See Hebrew Memorial Park. Founded 1914 as Orthodox. Includes sections: Aaron Moshe, Beth Moses, Beth Tikvah, B'rith Shalom, Mezeritcher.
  • Beth Aron Memorial Park: Roseville. See Hebrew Memorial Park
  • Beth El Memorial Park: 28120 West Six Mile Rd. Livonia 48152, (734) 421-5680. Founded 1941. Temple Israel Section: Livonia, Gloria Brozgold; 661-5700. p10968 in Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. Temple Beth El at (248) 851-1100: Third Temple Beth Cemetery and also includes Temple Israel and Temple Emanuel burials.
  • (pdf burial list through 2014)
  • Beth Isaac Cemetery : See Workmen's Circle Cemetery.
  • Beth Moses: Roseville. Founded 1920. See Hebrew Memorial Cemetery for sections: Brith Shalom Cemetery, Mezeritcher Cemetery, and Beth Tikvah
  • Beth Olem Cemetery: see HAMTRAMCK.
  • [UPDATE] Discover the Jewish Cemetery Inside the General Motors Plant [December 2014]
  • Beth Shmuel: 33350 Gratiot, Clinton Twp., MI 48035. Founded in 1939 on ½ acre as Orthodox. See Workman's Circle Cemetery.
  • Beth Yehuda: Meyer Levin, 864-0175
    Independent Detroit Lodge:
  • Beth Tefilo Emanuel: 21905 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, MI 48220. Founded 1910 as Orthodox on 8.5 acres purchased in 1910, some of which was used by Beth Tefilo Manuel Congregation after 1932 when the congregations merged.
  • Beth Thfileth Moses: Mt. Clemens. Congregation Beth Tefilath Moses, 146 South Avenue. P.O. Box 842, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043. (586) 465-0641
  • Beth Tikvah (Beth Moses): 20711 Masonic Boulevard, Roseville, MI 48066. See Beth Ahm Memorial Park.
  • Beth Yehudah: See Workman's Circle Cemetery.
  • B'nai David Cemetery: Congregation B'nai David, 9535 Van Dyke Ave., Detroit, MI 48213, (810) 921-5946. Founded in 1898 (Burial list through 1993)
  • B'nai Israel Memorial Garden (Oakland Hills). 43300 West 12 Mile Road, Novi, MI 48377. (248) 851-4803
  • B'nai Jacob: see Workman's Circle Cemetery.
  • Brith Sholom: see Workman's Circle Cemetery.
  • Champlain Street Cemetery: see Elmwood Cemetery:
  • Clover Hill Park Cemetery: 3607 W. Fourteen Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073. Contact: Cantor Sidney Rube at 357-5544. Superintendent on site with records. (313)-549-3411; founded 1917. See p10878 in Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. Congregation Shaarey Zedek cemetery with about 11,000 burials)  Clover Hill Cemetery: 11009 Clover Hill Park Cemetery: Royal Oak (Burial list coninously updated)
  • Elmwood Cemetery: 1200 Elmwood, Detroit,.Lafayette Street at corner of MacDougal (313) 567-3453. Historical site bordering Lafayette Street but accessible only through Elmwood Cemetery. Keep right. Park and walk in through the back gate. Custodians of card index records. Landmark Registered Site S0241. Source: "Beth El, the first Jewish congregation in Michigan, was organized in Detroit on September 22, 1850, by 12 families. This half-acre cemetery, dedicated on January 1, 1851, was known then as "The Champlain Street Cemetery of Temple Beth El" because Lafayette was called Champlain Street formerly.. The first interment was in autumn 1851, and in 1854 Samuel Marcus, the first rabbi of Beth El, was buried here. The cemetery, containing many graves of Jewish war veterans, was in active use until the 1950's."
  • Glen Eden Memorial Park: Livonia
  • Hamoreau Westwood : see Westwood
  • Hebrew Memorial Park Cemetery: 21503 14 Mile Road, Clinton Twp., MI 48035. (586) 791-2297 Roseville, Clinton Township. 14 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Hebrew Memorial was formed at the turn of the century as a immigrant self-help organization for mutual aid such as free loans, burials, etc. They also purchased property in Mt. Clemens as a cemetery. At that time, the site was far out in the country in an area familiar to Jews. Mt. Clemens was famous for their 'baths', probably a vein of sulfur water. Today, the area merely is more urban sprawl. The cemetery is large enough that, from the inside, you lose sight of the ugliness nearby. Hebrew Memorial burial society has a chapel in Oak Park, MI and their own cemetery in Mt. Clemens. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Ann Arbor, MI;
    Beth Aaron
    Pinsker- David Winer; 399-3811
    Turover Shul: 543-1622
  • La Fayette Street: Built in 1851 at SE corner of Elmwood Cemetery, it was full in 1953. "Half acre burial ground with 53 graves placed in parallel lines with a small fence surrounding the rectangular lot. Established by Temple Beth El, the oldest congregation in Michigan, and the largest reform congregation in America, this is the oldest burial site in Michigan." [January 2001] from defunct link
  • Machpelah Cemetery: Ferndale}, office Tel. 248-542-1146, 21701 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, MI 48220. (The first two name lookups are free. After that, the charge is $5 per name.) See p. 10884 in Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Gale Research Int., Detroit MI (1994) ISBN 0-8103-9245-3.
  • 15,000 burials indexed alphabetically on a number of webpage: grave number, section, row, lot, lazst name, first name, middle name, date of death and age at death.Just click on the link  "Burial List" indexedlocated within the left-hand column and choose the page that includes the first letter of the last name.

  • National Memorial Gardens: 25200 Plymouth Road, Redford, Michigan (Wayne County). Military cemetery located on Plymouth Road, just east of Beech Daly. WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Veterans. Currently active cemetery is under expansion. Sections arranged by section name, not section numbers. [June 2002]
  • Nisi Charri: immediately north of Machpelach, still Ferndale. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , CSP,
  • Northwest Hebrew Memorial Park: see Adat Shalom Memorial Park
  • Nusach H'Ari: Ferndale: Rabbi Zaklikofsky; 398-1888
  • Oakview Cemetery: Royal Oak, 1032 N. Main; 541-0139
    Auslander Family Section: Larry Pernick 356-7120
    B'nai Moshe Cemetery, June Dennenberg; 541-5018
  • Ostrowitzer: Michael Stacey; 534-7030
  • Smith Street Cemetery: see Beth Olem Cemetery, Hamtramack.
  • Stoliner: Hebrew Memorial; 543-1622
  • Temple Beth El: 7400 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301. (313)-851-1100. Contact: Temple Israel, 5727 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield, MI 48323. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In (AJA. American Jewish Archives, 3101 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45220-2488. 513-221-1875 (tel); 513-221-7812 (fax). E-mail: AJA contact form:
    Miscellaneous documents concerning Temple Beth El's Cemetery, 1872-1973; and a pew deed, Sept. 26, 1867. Histories file.
    Congregation Beth El; Report delivered for Emanuel Wodic to Congregation Beth El during term as Warden of congregation's Cemetery. Detroit, MI Sept. 21, 1890. Miscellaneous file
  • Turover Farein: both at Roseville
  • Westwood Cemetery: Inkster, Sylvia Pevin; 968-6704
    Rovner Inkster, Sylvia Peven; 968-6704
    Mishkin Yisroel Cemetery Michigan Ave. & Inkster, Rabbi Zaklikofsky, 348-1888
  • Woodmere: Temple Beth El, Detroit 851-1100
    Montefiore Lodge: Milton Gottesman; 645-2586
  • Workmen's Circle Cemetery: Roseville, Clinton Township, Eugene Broder; 591-9500
  • Yiddish Folks Farein: Ed Schwartz; 967-4201
  • Zamosc Tomoshaver: Mrs. Sam Ginsburg


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