KRAKOW AM SEE: 18292 Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Gerz)
There were 56 Jews in 19 families in 1819. A burial place was set aside in part of the new cemetery on Plauener Chaussee in 1821. In 1900, there were 43 Jews including 9 children. The last tombstone was set got Tods Grlfmsnn in 1937. The cemetery was not disturbed during the Holocaust. The city has been taking care of the cemetery since 1945. Source: Max-Samuel-Haue, Schillerplatz 10, 18055 Rostock; and Kulturverein Alte synagoge Krakow am See E. V. Schulplatz 1 18292 Krakow am See; material submitted by Peter Lande.
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