Located near an abandoned stone quarry about 3 miles (5 km) from the town of Mauthausen in Upper Austria. Monument, buildings preserved, memorials.


Concentration camp of Mauthausen - Introduction

Wikipedia: "Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp become a large group of German concentration camps that was built around the villages of Mauthausen and Gusen in Upper Austria, roughly ... 12 mi) east of the city of Linz [from] 1938 to the beginning of May 1945. Initially a single camp at Mauthausen, it expanded over time and by the summer of 1940, Mauthausen had become one of the largest labour camp complexes in German-controlled Europe." See Wikipedia for full history.

1949 national memorial site and 3 May 1975, the Mauthausen Museum officially opened. 2003 Visitor Center added. Mauthausen: much of sub-camps of Gusen I, II and III now covered residential areas built after the war.


US Holocaust Museum


Mauthausen Concentration Camp: place, pictures

Concentration camp of Mauthausen

Mass Grave

Mass Graves

prisoner tags from mass graves


Rich Steves: "Mauthausen town sits cute and prim on the romantic Danube at the start of the very scenic trip downstream to Vienna. But nearby, atop a now-still quarry, linger the memories of a horrible slave-labor camp. Mauthausen is a solemn place of meditation and continuous mourning. Fresh flowers adorn yellowed photos of lost loved ones. The home country of each victim has erected a gripping monument. You'll find yourself in an artistic gallery of grief, resting on a foundation of "Never Forget." Retrace the steep and treacherous steps of the camp's inmates - the "stairway of death"(Todesstiege) - to and from the quarry where they worked themselves to death. Mauthausen offers an English booklet, a free audioguide, an English movie, and a painful but necessary museum."


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