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The Great Synagogue of Luxembourg-Orthodox, 45 Av. Monterey, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Tel. 452-914. Jewish Heritage Europe - Luxembourg Dedicated on 28 June 1953,and one of the first synagogues in Europe to be rebuilt after the Second World War, congregants replaced an elaborate, domed 1894 Moorish-style building destroyed in 1941. The current building combines Art Deco and early Modernist motifs. The Great synagogue houses the Jewish community’s offices. Jewish Heritage Europe - Luxembourg The 1894 building can be seen at: and the current building at Web site:

Canal Synagogue, 52 Rue de Canal, Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Old Cemetery (Mid-1850s to late 1890): Rue Jule Wilhelm (Passage de Treves). Jewish Heritage Europe - Luxembourg Clausen cemetery: Old Jewish cemetery, Cemetery Malakoff: The cemetery was established in 1817 on a sloping site near Tour Malakoff, an old entrance to the city. It remained in use until the 1890s. About one hundred gravestones survive, though most that predate the 1840s are now illegible. The oldest are towards the bottom of the hill. The cemetery was significantly damaged during the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg, as well as by landslides in the 1960s. It is owned and maintained by the city authorities. The key can be obtained from Room 9, Ville de Luxembourg Etat Civil, BP42, 2010 Luxembourg. [January 2009]

New Jewish cemetery: Bellevue Cemetery, 10 Rue des Cerises, Limpertsberg. Bellevue is the largest Jewish cemetery in the country and is still in use. The site was acquired by the Jewish community in May 1883 after the Clausen cemetery became too small. The gravestones are inscribed in German, French and Hebrew. The cemetery has been owned and maintained by the city authorities since 1961. [January 2009]

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