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The Hoop Lane Cemeteries, Golders Green, London NW11 7NJ. Website: https://www.hooplanecemetery.org.uk/ Tel: +44 20 8455 2569

The Cemetery opened in 1897 when the first burials took place. The Cemetery is managed by the Joint Burial Committee (JBC) on behalf of the West London Synagogue of British Jews(Reform) and the Spanish & Portugues Jews Congregation (Sephardi). The Joint Burial Committee comprises of members from both the synagogues and is responsible for the general running and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Burial arrangements are made through members' respective synagogues - contact details on the Cemetery's website. Source: Congregation's website, accessed 16 October 2017.

  • Hoop Lane Cemetery West, Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NWII  7NL (Reform) 
    In 1894 the West London Synagogue of British Jews (Reform) acquired land in Golders Green for for £3,000, In 1896 they sold eight acres to the Spanish and Portugues Jews' Congregation. Jewish Heritage in Britain and Ireland, 2015, p.67 Sharman Kadish (which includes a description of the cemeteries, the ohalim and the earlist interment - 6 May 1897)
  • West London Synagogue owns the 16.5 acres. (Text from book London Cemeteries by Hugh Meller).
    The London searchable database on JCR-UK includes over 8,100 records from this cemetery.

  • Hoop Lane Cemetery East, Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NWII  (Spanish & Portuguese):
    In 1896 the Spanish & Portugues Jews Congregation purchased this section of the cemetery (some 8 acres) from the West London (Reform) Synagogue.
    On the eastern side are prostrate slabs of the Sephardic Jews and, apart from the old closed Sephardic cemeteries off the Mile End road. Only Sephardic cemetery left in London." (Text quoted from book London Cemeteries by Hugh Meller).
    Stanley Setty was a car dealer murdered by Donald Hume. His dismembered torso was discoveed in the Essex marshes, having been dropped unto the sea by Hume from an aeroplane. He us buried in the Sephardi section of the Hoop Lane cemerery. David Jacobs, Shemot Magazine, [December 1997].

  • I have started to index the headstones. I have done almost two sections of the cemetery. The headstones frequently are quite informative. I will have a print out of the work so far for the conference in July. Kathryn Michael This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [March 2001]

    Photographs of various tombstones from this cemetery, taken by Gina Marks, can be viewed on the website of the Jewish Genealogical Sociey of Great Britain at http://www.jgsgb.org.uk/members/Browse/S&P_headstones/S&PTombstones.htm [July 2011]

  • Hoop Lane Crematorium: (also known as Golders Green Cremetorium), Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NW11 7NL, opened in 1901, is a separate organisation from the Cemetery. Website:  http://crematorium.eu/golders_green_crematorium.html
  • Many members of the Jewish community have been cremated in this Crematorium and their ashes are frequently interred in the the West London Synagogue Section of the Hoop Lane Cemetery. Source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK [2017]

  • JOWBR burial listings [August 2010]


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