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Hackney Cemetery, Lauriston Road, London E9 (United Synagogue) (disused) +44 20 8985 1527:

Purchased by the Hambro Synagogue in 1788, this ground is situated in Lauriston Road (formerly Grove St.), a little to the north of Royal Gate East, Victoria Park, Hackney. It was closed by Order of Council in 1886. The cemetery books kept by the Hambro Synagogue secretary, except for 1788-1813. Books do not list gravesites. In addition, many entries lack dates. Vandalism has destroyed many headstones. Those still intact are mostly illegible. "2.25 acres; not entirely enclosed by high walls grassed rather than cindered." (Text quoted from book London Cemeteries by Hugh Meller). Hackney Cemetery (Orthodox), Lauriston Road (1788-1886) http://www.gendocs.demon.co.uk/cem.html

tengenerations.org.uk has a photos - Resource ID:HAC00197 Jews Cemetery, east side of Grove Road (later Lauriston Road) established in 1786 by Hambro Cemetery, the photograph taken in 1872 by George James. Rights: London Borough of Hackney, Hackney Archives Department

Caretakers House at the Jews Cemetery on Lauriston Road, 1974, Entrance gates to the Jews Cemetery, Lauriston Road, 1974, Hackney Archives Department : HAC00265 : 1974, Plaque of the United Synagogue Burial Society at the Jews Cemetery, Lauriston Road, 1969

The United Synagogue Burial Society for additional information and photos and tombstone maintenance and hours at 020 8950 7767 and select option 2. Melvyn Hartog, Head of Burial, Tel: 020 8343 6283. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [June 2011]

The United Synagogue website has a "Find a Grave" search facility (at https://www.theus.org.uk/gravesearch) that enables one to search for a grave at its cemeteries, including this one. The search result will generally include the date of burial, the position of the grave and a photograph of the gravestone, if available. Source: David Shulman, Webmaster JCR-UK [June 2017]

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