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Brady Street Cemetery, Whitechapel, London E.1 (United Synagogue) (disused and open by appointment):

This site, purchased in 1761 and closed in 1858, was earlier known as North Street, Whitechapel, and originally as Ducking Pond Lane. Situated on the western side of Brady Street, it lies slightly north of Whitechapel Station. Brady Street is the site of an old cemetery, opened for the New Synagogue in 1761 and subsequently used also by the Great Synagogue. The cemetery became full in the 1790's so it was decided to put a four-foot thick layer of earth over part of the site, using this for further burials. This created a flat-topped mound in the center of the cemetery. The cemetery is perhaps the only one where, because of the two layers, the headstones are placed back to back. Among those buried here are Solomon Hirschel (Chief Rabbi from 1802-1842) and Nathan Meyer Rothschild (1777-1836, the banker). To view the cemetery, contact the United Synagogue Burial Society, Tel. +44 20 7387 7891. Source: The Jewish Travel Guide. London: Jewish Chronicle, 1992. See and [October 2000]

The United Synagogue Burial Society for additional information and photos and tombstone maintenance at 020 8950 7767 and select option 2. Melvyn Hartog, Head of Burial, Tel: 020 8343 6283. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [June 2011]

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