"In the former Koenigsberg, in Prussia there were at least three cemeteries. The one by the Lithuanian Wall now has been reconsecrated. Another, for which the architect Mendelsohn designed a new hall, is profaned as a Veterinary Institute. Nothing can be seen of the third, surely the oldest in the city. Soviet apartment blocs are on the site. I do not know if this cemetery had "disappeared" during the German occupation. I could make photographs." Source: Bernd Poller at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who communicates in German. [January 2002]
Zum 50 jaehrigen Bestehen des israelitischen Begraebnisplatzes vor dem Koenigstore, 1875-1925. Aus den Akten der Synagogengemeinde/ veroeffentlicht von Josef Rosenthal. Koenigsberg i. Pr. Druck: E. Masuhr, 1925. vii, 28 p. 3 plates, tables. 24 cm. Author's autographed presentation copy to Rabb. Dr. Torles. ID # GT 3250 K6 R6 and x MfW W262 Source: LBI 205. III 37 Koenigsberg i.P., election list, contributors list, accounts (Kassenverzeichnis), including the Burial Society, 1800-1801, handwritten, German and Hebrew.
Source: LBI Cemetery list. Source: LBI
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