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Alternate names: Vaškai [Lith], Vashky [Yid], Konstantinovo [Rus, until 1918], Konstantynów [Pol], Waszki, Vaškų, Vashkay, Russian: Константиново. וואַשקי- Yiddish. 56°10' N, 24°12' E, 30 miles N of Panevėžys (Ponevezh), 21 miles W of Biržai (Birzh), 10 miles NW of Pasvalys (Posvol). 1900 Jewish population: 440. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, p. 363: "Konstantynów". town photos [March 2009]

CEMETERY: Located along the main road just before one turns to enter the town, the cemetery lies between large cultivated fields and is ringed by shrubs and the remains of a stone wall. There is a memorial plaque along the side of the cemetery and off the main road. Of the nearly 30 standing stones, some are protected from weathering by the dense shrubs. We recorded 25 inscriptions with dates from 1895-1908. Source: Dan Kirschner, Newton MA 02168. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [date? before 1997?]

MASS GRAVES: Forest of Kriausiskes, Vaskai county; 136; pic. # 198; Forest of Gruziai, Vaskai county; 136; pic. # 197; Forest of Zadeikiai, 4.5 km from Pasvalvs; 135; pic. # 195-196; source: US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

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