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Alternate name: Užūpis. 55°36' N 26°30' E, 78.7 miles NE of Vilnius. Užupis is a neighborhood in Vilnius, largely in Vilnius' old town. (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Užupis means "on the other side of the river", the Vilnia River. The district has been popular with artists. On April Fools Day 1997, the district declared itself an independent republic (The Republic of Užupis), replete with an army of 12.

Cemetery: Founded in 1828 at around the same time as the city's original Jewish cemetery in Šnipiškės closed, the Užupis Old Jewish Cemetery survived until after WWII when it was destroyed by the Soviet authorities and its gravestones and those from the Šnipiškės cemetery were used to construct several building projects in the city. Now, a few broken stones on the side of a steep hill and a few more on the top exist. A large memorial marks the site. DIRECTIONS: Turn left from Olandų onto Krivių and go a few meters up on the left.

US Commission: "The Commission's joint project with Lithuania's capital of Vilnius to fence and erect a memorial at the country's largest Jewish cemetery, which is in the city, was marked in a ceremony in November 2004. Participating in the ceremony with Vilnius' mayor were Commission Members Harriet Rotter and Steven Some, who led the Commission's contributions to the project. More than 70,000 people were buried in the cemetery from 1830 through 1948. In 1964, Communist authorities had tombstones removed from the cemetery for use as building material by the government. The memorial, a substantial gate for entering the cemetery, incorporates recovered tombstones." [May 2010]

photos, map, burial list. [September 2011]

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