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Alternate names: Tryškiai [Lith], Trishik [Yid], Trishki [Rus], Tryszki [Pol], Tryškių, Trīškē, Trishkyay, Russian: Тришки. טרישיק-Yiddish. 56°04' N, 22°35' E, 14 miles ENE of Telšiai (Telz), 30 miles WNW of Šiauliai (Shavl). 1900 Jewish population: 681.

ONLINE VIDEO: Tryskiai (527KB) - Tryskiai (Trishek) was populated with 2,000 Jews in 1897. See the market place, the cemetery, and other Jewish sites. [March 2009]

CEMETERY: The cemetery is located at the end of the third road on the left after the school, which is on the right of the road to Vieksniai. The large gateway arch is well preserved. Memorial plaques have been affixed to either side of the arch. The wall around the cemetery seems to be mostly intact. At first glance, there appear to be no gravestones remaining; however, in the woods beyond the clearing inside the gates one notices a few. And then, as if by magic, more and more stones materialize as one walks into the tall grass and underbrush. Overall, there may be as many as 150-200 gravestones, but many are broken, face down, or heavily weathered and illegible. One grave towards the rear of the cemetery had actually been exhumed. We recorded 38 inscriptions, dating from 1854-1920. Source: Dan Kirschner, 35 Gammons Road, Newton MA 02168. tel: 617-965-6839; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Burial list with photos of gravestones.[March 2009]

HOLOCAUST: Some Jews were killed in Tryskiai. At the beginning of July, all surviving Zagare Jews were relocated to a neighbor­hood in Zagare in a ghetto cordoned off by an unguarded barbed wire fence. Surviving Jews were brought there from Kursenai, Papile, Tryskiai, Joniskis, Zeimelis, Kriukai, Radviliskis, Saukenai, Kelme, Tirksliai, Krakes, Joniskelis, Linkuva, Pakruojis, Laukuvas, Lygumai and other places. A total of 7,000 Jews were gathered in the ghetto during this period. [March 2009]

Tryskiai at Virvyte river; 172; pic. # 299 and Zagare town park; 90; pic. # 84-85 US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

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