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Alternate names: Taujėnai [Lith], Tovian [Yid], Tovyany [Rus], Towiany [Pol], Tauvian, Tauyenay, Tauyenai, Taunenay, Taujėnų, Tavyan, Tevyan, טאַוויאַן-Yiddish: . 55°24' N, 24°45' E, 10 miles N of Ukmergė (Vilkomir). 1912 Jewish population was 95. Yizkor:  Lite (vol. 1) (New York, 1951)

MASS GRAVE: Pine forest of Pivonija, about 4 km from Ukmerge:177-178; pic. # 315-318 US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

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