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Alternate names: Šiauliai [Lith], Shavl [Yid], Shavli [Rus], Schaulen [Ger], Szawle [Pol], Šauļi [Latv], Schavli, Shaulyai, Shawli, Shiaulai, Silaliai, Šiaulių, Russian: Шавли. שאָװל-Yiddish. 55°56' N, 23°19' E, 42 miles WNW of Panevėžys (Ponevezh). 1900 Jewish population: 6,990. Yizkors: Pinkas Shavli-Yoman mi-Ghetto Lita (Jerusalem, 1958) and Azoy zaynen mir gestorbn (Munich, 1949). ShtetLink I and ShtetLink IIHistory. [March 2009]

ONLINE VIDEO: Kaunas 9th forth-Saulenai-Sauliai-Joniskis-Taurage-Vainutas-Silute-Telsiai-Mazheiki-Leckava-Bauska (195KB) - Visit the archives in Kaunas, then terrible Nazi prison 9th fort. See the cemetery in Shavlyan, old synagogues in Shavel, Joniskis, Taurage. Jewish cemetery and famous Yeshiva in Telsiai, listen the interview with the leader of community in Yiddish. Leckava- the cemetery and the town. Bauska- views of the old town and the exhibition "Jews in Bauska" in local Museum. [March 2009]

CEMETERY: The big cemetery was almost totally destroyed. About 7 stones remain. Source: Aleksandrs Feigmanis, Kahovkas 2-12 LV-1021, Riga. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MASS GRAVES: Holocaust memorial. [March 2009]

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