NEMUNAITIS: Alytus county, Alytus district [Nemoneitz, Nemonaĭtsy, Nyemonaitsi, Nemunaytis, Nemunaičio, Nemonajtsy, Nemenitz, Nemunaitz] Print

Alternate names: Nemunaitis [Lith], Nemoneitz, נעמונײַץ [Yid], Nemonaĭtsy, Немонайцы [Rus], Niemonajcie [Pol], Nyemonaitsi, Nemunaytis, Nemunaičio, Nemonajtsy, Nemenitz, Nemunaitz. Formerly in Vilna guberniya. 54°18' N, 24°02' E, 43 miles WSW of Trakai (Troki), 7 miles S of Alytus (Olita). Jewish population: 361 (1897), 142 (1923). 2001 total population: 218 with no Jew


  • Jewish cemetery: [September 2010]
  • Nemunaičio township old Jewish cemetery is landmarked. Part of the cemetery is surrounded by wire fence attached to wooden columns that is only partially intact. In front of the entrance is a stone slab with ta black stone background superimposed: "Here lies NEMUNAIČIO JEWS. Celebratie THEM. Above this is Hebrew. Visible are a few old stone matzevot, two reinforced concrete power poles. The grass vegetation is overgrown in the 0.15 ha site. D  landmark recognition 29.04.2005;  No: SCG-190;  Situation Report [Aug 2015]
  • MISIJA SIBIRAS's photo.MISIJA SIBIRAS with Juozas Stanulis and 3 others: See More "We visited the old Jewish cemetery at Nemunaičio. We met with the Litvak director of  MACEVA: Lithuania Jewish Cemetery Project " who told us about the preservation of Jewish cemeteries initiative, and later the participants cleaned the entire cemetery.The project informs all the citizens of Lithuania about the preservation of history and proud of Litvak cultural heritage. More moments- [Aug 2015]

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