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Alternate names: Josvainiai [Lith], Iasvoĭni [Rus], Yosvain [Yid], Yosven, Yasvoyni, Iosvaynyay, Russian: Ясвойни. יאָסווען - Yiddish. 55°15' N, 23°50' E, 6 miles WSW of Kėdainiai (Keidan), 24 miles N of Kaunas (Kovno). 1900 Jewish population: 534. [March 2009]

Wikipedia article. Jews first settled in Josvainiai in the 17th century.1897Jewish population: 534, 40% of the total population, with a synagogue and a Jewish school. Most Jews were expelled during WWI during which time a large part of the town burned down. Before the Holocaust, the Jewish population was 270, about 70 families that lived around the market place and nearby streets. [October 2010]

CEMETERY: Picture of a Wolpe tombstone was in the Washington Jewish Week, March 5, 1998, p. 21. Other stones are shown in background. . [October 2000]

Cemetery information. [September 2010]

MASS GRAVE: At the road Josvainiai-Ariogala outside of the town (the exact place is unknown). [March 2009]

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