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Alternate names: Giedraičiai [Lith], Gedroitsy [Rus], Gedrovitz [Yid], G'yedraychay, Giyedraychyay, Giedrojcie, Giedraičių, Gedroytse, Gedraychay, Гедройцы. 55°05' N, 25°17' E, 24 miles ESE of Ukmergė (Vilkomir). [March 2009]

MASS GRAVES: Forest of Kamaraucizna, 2 km NW of Giedraicai; 127; pic. # 175. on 8/7/41: 14 Av and 9/5/41: 13 Elul.

Pine forest of Pivonija, about 4 km from Ukmerge at 55°15' N 24°45' E ; 177-178; pic. # 315-318 US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. On November 12, 2007, unknown vandals desecrated a memorial to Holocaust victims in the Pivonija forest. At the site of the event, police officials ascertained that a granite road marker indicating the direction of the memorial had been torn down,and that the memorial had been defaced with the painted words "Juden raus" and a swastika. The attackers had overturned all the candles and strewn about and trampled baskets of flowers. Buried in the Pivonija forest are the bodies of 10,000 murdered Ukmergė Jews. This is not the first time that vandals have desecrated this memorial: it underwent similar treatment several years ago. No perpetrators were found.The police have initiated a pre-trial investigation into the desecration of gravesites. There is no information regarding the arrest of suspects. [March 2009]

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