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File:Ariogala COA.gif55º 16' N, 23º 28'E', 83.6 miles WNW of Vilnius. Alternate names: Arëgala, Ejragoła, Eiragola, Ariogalos, Ariogala [Lithuanian], Eragala [Yiddish], Ragala [Yiddish], Ejragoła [Polish], Eiragola [Russian], Hoyragola [18th century Grand Duchy of Lithuania], Ėĭragola, Ariogalos, Arëgala, Airiogala, Iragola, Ragola, Ragole, אײראַגאָלע - Yiddish. Museum photos. In Kaunas district. Ariogala Research Group for 250 years from the Grand Duchy period (18th century) through the Russian Empire period (1795 - 1918), and the period of Lithuanian independence between World War I and World War II to the Holocaust. Source [March 2009]

CEMETERY: Map with cemetery location. Cemetery map and burial list: "across the decrepit wooden plank bridge suspended across a small tributary to the Dubysa River. In the month of June the grass and weeds were already at shoulder height and it took us awhile to find the old cemetery." Burial list. [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: photo. The monument in Yiddish states that "Here was spilt the blood of 462 Jewish men, women and children in August [3], 1941. They were from Ariogala and vicinity, and they were murdered by local Lithuanians." [March 2009] Near Ariogala, 2 km from the town, in southern valley of the Dubysa river. 147; pic. # 231-232 US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

Near Ariogala, 2 km from the town, in southern valley of the river Dubysa.

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