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Alternate names: Alanta [Lith], Ovanta, Ованта [Rus], Avanta, אַוואָנטע [Yid], Owanta [Pol], Alunta, Aluntos, Avunte. 55°21' N, 25°18' E , 23 miles ENE of Ukmergė (Vilkomir), 16 miles SW of Utena (Utian), 9 miles NNW of Moletai (Maliat). A small town in Molėtai district municipality, it is the administrative seat of the Alanta Elderate. 1910 Jewish population: 544. 2001 Census: 464. It is situated at the crossing of two roads: Molėtai-Anykščiai and Utena-Alanta-Ukmergė. Moletai district. Alanta has a rare, surviving wooden synagogue. The name of the town is derived from the Alanta River, tributary of Virinta. 2001 population: 450. From 1598 until 1828, the town belonged to Radziwiłł family. After 1828 to WWI, the Pamarnacki family owned Alanta that suffered heavily from Napoleon's invasion of the Russian Empire, WWI and WWII, because of its location on the crossing of two important roads. The renovated palace houses a library, an ethnographic museum, and a park. [March 2009]

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REFERENCE: Center for Jewish Art (2004). "Preserved Wooden Synagogues in Lithuania". The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Retrieved on December 17, 2008.

CEMETERY: "several ancient Jewish gravestones covered with dirt, grass and weeds. A couple of stones were still standing, but most were toppled over, lying on the ground under the debris. I remained in the cemetery for quite a while." Source [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: 222 killed on August 29, 1941 near Utena in Raša forest.

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