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The third largest city in Libya, situated on the Mediterranean coast in Tripolitania, in the northwest of the country, about 210 kilometes east of the capital, Tripoli. 


Jewish Population in 1906 - 900. Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: The Book of Mordechai - A Study of the Jews of Libya. p. 170. Selections from writings of Mordechai Hakohen (1856-1929).


Matin Quarter. "No one knows when the cemetery was founded." "In 1898, the Jews experienced a reawakening and built a wall around the cemetery." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 160.


Khalfon District. "The [Jewish] cemetery was in part taken over by the Mohammedans and incorporated into their cultivated fields." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 151.


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