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This mountain range in western Libya, close to the Tunisian border, is Libya's Berber heartland, which, due to its difficult terrain, offered its Jewish inhabitants a degree of refuge over the centuries. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, evidence of, in most cases, a no longer existing Jewish community coul dbe found in the following area, according to the contemporary Libyan Jewish writer.

  • al-Gmamish, Ghuryan District. " can find a Jewish cemetery." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: The Book of Mordechai - A Study of the Jews of Libya. p. 139. Selections from writings of Mordechai Hakohen (1856-1929)
  • Ghuryan. Jewish Population in 1906 - 800. Source: Harvey E. Goldberg ib. p 170.
  • Haraba, near Serus. "There are also [remnants of] synagogues and Jewish cemeteries which are considered sacred by local Arabs. Many Hebrew inscriptions, both engraved and in the relief, but unadorned can be found on tombstones and elsewhere." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 67. .
  • Jado. "There is a ruined cave in Jado, and local tradition holds that it was once a synagogue of the Jews. Jewish cemeteries can also be found there, but most of them are farmed by the Berbers." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 64.
  • Jehisha, Ghuryan District. " To this day, one can find remains and traces of the synagogue and Jewish cemetery there." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 139.
  • Rehibat. "... and also a group of five town called Hrab a-Sabbata (the Sabbath Ruins) because those towns were inhabited by Jews who observed the Sabbath. ......Jewish cemeteries, also found there, are considered sacred by local Arabs." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 66.
  • Ulad 'Atiya (sons of Atiya), near Rejban and Wadi Metlala. "This town belonged to the Jewish family Atiya. The remains of a synagogue, as well as those of a Jewish cemetery, can be found there. The local inhabitants say many Jews lived in the city." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 62.
  • Yefren (Yafran). "The Jews of Yefren dwell in three villages... al-Qsir....Me-aniyin... Disir....In the other places in Yefren there was once a large number of Jewish inhabitants, but now there is no trace of them, except for there cemeteries and place names." Source: Harvey E. Goldberg: ib. p. 75.  
    Jewish Population in 1906 - 2,000. Source: ib. p 170


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