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A series of photographs (navigation bar in upper right corner) [January 2001]

Synagogue restoration. [August 2009]

Beth Elamen (בית עלמין):  The Jewish cemetery of Beirut, located close to Sodeco Square, is the only Jewish cemetery in Beirut, capital of Lebanon. Accessible via the Damascus Expressway, half of the gravestones are broken but still is being used by the Lebanese Jews. Photo [January 2010]

The Jewish cemetery in Beirut is well taken care of. It is said that the Sodeco square building tried to expropriate it and the municipality turned them down. Source and photos and 2003 photos. [January 2010]

The Jewish cemetery in Beirut is decrepit and cared for by an elderly Shiite woman. The gravestones, written in Hebrew and French, are a testament to the Lebanese Jewish community that is now only a shadow of its former self . Source [January 2010]

"The inscriptions in Hebrew and stars of David on the entryway are covered with dust. "Very few people come," said Samuel. Source [January 2010]

Searchable burial database. [April 2010]

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