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Alternate names: Zilupe [Latv], Rosenhof [Ger], Rozinovsk [Yid], Rozenovskoe [Rus], Zilupė [Lith], Rozenovski, Rosenowsk, Rozenovskoje, Ziluppe, Zilupes, Rosenau. 56°23' N, 28°07' E , 70 miles ENE of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), 32 miles ESE of Rēzekne (Rezhitsa), 19 miles SE of Ludza (Liutsin), near the Russian border.Zilupe has a few hundred inhabitants by the Zilupe River. Zilupe's railway station is the final station for the Riga-Zilupe train route, one of the longest passenger rail routes in Latvia. The town dates from 1900, the station taking the name Rozenova, after the former landowner.

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Cemetery is on Priezu St and dates from the 1920s. See burial list All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009] See burial list. [January 2011]

Mass Grave and Memorial. Priezu Street. 1941.

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