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Alternate names: Valmiera [Latv], Wolmar [Ger, Pol], Vol'mar and Вольмар [Rus], Volmar and וואָלמאַר [Yid], Volmari [Est], Valmiyera, Valmieras, Valmera, Valmeera. 57°33' N, 25°24' E , 64 miles NE of Rīga. 1900 Jewish population: 166. Valmiera is the largest town of the historical Vidzeme region with a total area of 18.1 km² and is the center of the Valmiera District. Valmiera had a 2008 population of 27,569. Valmiera lies on both banks of the Gauja River.

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CEMETERY: Cemetery is on Briezas St.

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Valmiera Mass Grave I (Bralju Kapi) [Military Cemetery]:The Jewish reburial site is separate from the graves of Soviet soldiers but is part of all memorials.

Mass Grave: No sign. Take Rjiena Road from Valmiera to the Old District House, 1.4 km past the traffic circle. The mass grave is 300m from the district house. Dates from July 1941.

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