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Alternate names: Talsi [Latv], Talsen [Ger, Pol], Talsn [Yid], Tal'sen' and Тальсенъ, Талси [Rus], Talsai [Lith], Talsin, Tilsen, Telsy, Talsy, Tālsa, טאלסען [Yiddish]. 57°15' N, 22°36' E. . Jewish population: 1,411 in 1897 and 1,290 in 1910.  Known as 'The Town of Nine Hills' and above two lakes, Talsi has cobbled sreets and well-preserved parks with cherry and apple trees. Talsi municipality (Latvian: Talsu novads) was formed in 2009 by merging Abava parish, Balgale parish, Ģibuļi parish, Īve parish, Ķūļciems parish, Laidze parish, Lauciene parish, Lībagi parish, Lube parish, Strazde parish, Valdgale parish, Vandzene parish, Virbi parish, Talsi town, Stende town, Sabile town and Valdemārpils town with its countryside territory; the administrative centre being Talsi.

CEMETERY: Located just on another side of the road, opposite the Christian cemetery, the cemetery's tombstones remain but vandals excavated some graves. It looks like a forest. I found the Jewish cemetery in Talsi, Latvia where my wife and I photographed all the gravestones that were still legible I promised copies of the photos to the Jewish Museum in Riga. Source: Mark Sebba [date?]

cemetery photos [March 2009]

See burial list All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009] See burial list. [January 2011]

Cemetery on Milenbaha St dates from 1799. photos. [March 2011]

The Jewish cemetery of Talsi [May 2013]

MASS GRAVE: Sukturi Mass Grave. Take the road from Talsi to Laucini 1.5 km from Sukturi, and about 2.3 km from Talsi

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