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Alternate names: Subate [Latv], Subbath [Ger], Shuvitz [Yid], Subocz [Pol], Subatė [Lith], Subata, Shovits, Shubotch, Sovits, Subatas, Subbat. 56°01' N, 25°54' E , 26 miles WNW of Daugavpils (Dvinsk) on the Lithuanian border. 1900 Jewish population: 978.

  • Yisker-bukh fun Rakishok un umgegnt (Johannesburg, 1952) 
  • ShtetLink [October 2000]
  • Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), XI, p. 522: "Subocz".
  • JewishGen Latvia SIG page for Subate history and photos. [March 2009]


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     By the late 19th century Jews composed about half of the population; in 1914 about 2300 Jews lived there. The town traded primarily in Lithuanian flax, but languished after World War I. Almost all of Subate's Jews were brutally murdered in the Stahlecker phase of the Holocaust in 1941.

    Cemetery: on Jelgavas St dates from the 1820s.

    About 200 years old, the site has not been desecrated so much as neglected. The local (non-Jewish) community, led by a Catholic priest, is taking an interest in its maintenance. Dvinsk's Jewish population is involved. [date?] Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Bethesda, MD,

    Photo and photo of mass graves. Photo and photo of cemetery maintained by the Daugavpils Jewish community. [March 2009]

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