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Alternate names: Saldus [Latv], Фрауэнбург [Rus], Frauenburg [Ger], Froienburg and פֿרויענבורג [Yid], Freuenberg. 56°40' N, 22°30' E , 57 miles E of Liepāja (Libau), 46 miles W of Jelgava (Mitau), 28 miles SE of Kuldīga (Goldingen). 1900 Jewish population: 1,159.

Long an establish a trade center and active at the end of 19th century, Saldus was the cultural center of the region, Saldus district.

CEMETERY: Dirve out of Saldus toward Liepaja. The cemetery is near the Butnari bus station on the right side.

The cemetery is just outside the town. The alternate/former name is Frauenburg. Present total town population: 12,500. Present town's Jewish population: 14. No care or maintenance. The earliest known Jewish community in town is 1850's. Jewish population as of the last census before World War II: 325 in 1936. The cemetery is located about 2 km from that congregation that used it. The cemetery location is rural (wood/forest), isolated, and unmarked. The cemetery is reached by turning directly off a public road. Access to the cemetery is open to all with no fence, wall or gate. Approximately 60 gravestones are in cemetery in original location. The vegetation overgrowth in the cemetery is a constant problem that is damaging stones. The 1939 cemetery boundaries are unknown. No structures. What is left of the cemetery is totally neglected. Apparently, a road was built through half (?) the cemetery by the communists after W.W.II, which caused quite a stir in the town. No security. Weather erosion is a great threat to the remaining tombstones. Vegetation is a moderate threat. The cemetery is in a small patch of wood next to the road. We drove right past it at first. No obvious vandalism. Name, address and of person completing this survey: Howard Simson, Karlavägen 50, Stockholm, Sweden. Telephone: +46 8 662 5850. The survey was completed on 20 Nov 1998. He visited the site on 31 Oct 1998.

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Cemetery on Meža St dates from 1809.

MASS GRAVE: The mass grave within is the Saldus Jewish cemetery with no signs.

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