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KirchholmSalaspils in Salaspils Novads. 56°52' N 24°21' E, 11.2 miles ESE of Rīga

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  • Concentration Camp [Apr 2014]
  • Wikipedia: Salaspils concentration camp was established at the end of 1941 at a point 18 km southeast of Riga. The Nazi bureaucracy drew distinctions between different types of camps. Officially, Salaspils was a Police Prison and Work Education Camp. [Apr 2014]
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    • Why I Didn't Want To Visit a Concentration Camp-and Why I Changed My Mind. : "Peitavas Street Synagogue, Riga's only synagogue. Carefully restored a few years ago, the Art Nouveau structure had survived the Nazis because it was wedged between several large apartment buildings. Had they tried to burn it, this entire section of the city might have gone up in flames. ... the Great Choral Synagogue-or what was left of it, anyway. Only the stone foundation survives, marking where one of the city's most spectacular houses of worship had once stood. What happened there is heartbreakingly familiar: In 1941, the Nazis herded 300 Jews into the basement before setting the place ablaze ...." [Apr 2014]




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