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Alternate names: Sabile [Latv], Zabeln [Ger], Shaviln [Yid], Sabilė [Lith], Zoebeln, Сабиле (Цаббельн) [Rus]. 57°03' N, 22°35' E , 58 miles W of Riga, 14 miles S of Talsi (Talsen). 1881 Jewish population: 873.

Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 1116: "Sabile".

VIDEO: Jelgava(Mitau)-Tukums-Sabile-Kandava-Kuldiga (Goldingen)-Ventspils (217KB) -Another name of this video " Beautifull Kurland". ... streets of Tukums, Jelgava and Kuldiga, see synagogues and 200 years old cemeteries. [March 2009]

Former synagogue on Sinagogas St in Sabile's historic center was built in 1890, neglected, and restored in 2002 to serve as an exhibition hall by the Swedish National Heritage Board and the Latvian government's State Inspection for Heritage Preservation. [January 2011]

The cemetery on Meža St was founded in 1809.

Sabile cemetery has about 20 graves. There may be more but while it did not appear to be vandalized, it was overgrown. The cemetery, totally hidden from view, is a long walk from a dirt road with no markings. Earlier in the day, we went to Tukums (Tukkum). The local museum director put us in touch with a Mr. Vitolds Masnovskis, who is apparently a government official extremely familiar with the area. He supposedly is writing a book on the history of the Tukums district. Along with our guide and driver, he spent most of the rest of the day with us in Tukums, Sabile and Kuldiga. He knew about the Sabile cemetery and directed us there. I am sure he is very much available to assist anyone coming to the area in any way possible. He does not speak English. We gave him $20 for a half-day but he had offered to come along with us without requesting payment. His business card states the following followed by his home address: KULTURAS MINISTRIJA /KULTURAS PIEMINEKLU AIZSARDZIBAS INSPEKCLIJA / VITOLDS MASNOVSKIS (his name) / galv. valsts inspektors Tukuma rajona / talr. TUKUMS (8-2) 31- 23436, 29351 / Strelnieku 37-36 / Tukums 3106. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and Donald Hirschhorn; Fax: 561-883-3253. (1999)

See four names on burial list All Latvia Cemetery List and photo of cemetery [March 2009]

See burial list. [January 2011]

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