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Alternate names:Riebiņi [Latv], Ribene [Ger], Ribenishki [Rus], Ribinishok [Yid], Rybiniszki [Pol], Rybinischki, Ribinishki, Ribiņiški, Ribeny, Ribeņi, Silajani.  56°20' N, 26°48' E , 33 miles NNE of Daugavpils (Dvinsk), 23 miles SW of Rēzekne (Rezhitsa), 4 miles NE of Preiļi (Prel). Jewish population: 533 (1897), 317 (1935).

This small town in the Latgale region of Latvia, about 56 km. north of Daugavpils, was part of Vitebsk gubernia under the Russian Empire. Bartholomew European Travel Map--Latvia--with Riebini in red, near the top. Source: Bartholomew European Travel Map--Latvia ,1:400,000 (London, Bartholomew, 1996). For cemetery, see Preili. see Latvia SIG for complete Riebini history and photos [March 2009]

CEMETERY: on Dārzu St. At the end of Darzu Street (right into the forest).

Burial list and Burials - All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009] See burial list. [January 2011]

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