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Alternate names: Pļaviņas [Latv], Stockmannshof [Ger], Pliavinios [Lith], Плявиняс (Штокмансгоф)  [Rus] Plyavinyas, Plyavinas, Plavinyas. 56°37' N, 25°43' E , 65 miles ESE of Rīga, 11 miles NW of Jēkabpils, 3 mi E of Gostini. on the Daugava River.

OLD CEMETERY: (Barukalna) on Meza Street with no sign, cemetery is at the beginning of Meza Street in the 'Barukalna' cemetery.

MASS GRAVE: no signs, but is in the "Barukalna" cemetery. July 1941.

NEW CEMETERY: no signs. Drive from Gostini to Madona, Cross the railroad drive and continue 500 meters to the first left turn. From the highway to the cemetery is about 400 meters.

MASS GRAVE: no sign. A large hole behind the New Cemetery. Autumn 1941.




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