MAKASHANI (Ivgolova): Rezekne Print

Alternate names: Makašēni, Ivgolova, Jegulava, Jugolova, Makasheny, Yugolova. 56°35' N 27°19' E , 124.3 miles E of Rīga and 5.8 miles S of Rezekne.

Jews expelled from the village of Makashani in 1786 took their Aron Kodesh to the "Brick Study-Hall" in Rezekne, 18 km away, making that Jewish population about five hundred or 75% of the total. Before and briefly after the Rezekne Jewish cemetery was consecrated, people were buried in the old cemetery in Makashani, the burial site of many rabbis and zaddiks until the 1880's. Makashani cemetery was tended up to the late 1930's. [March 2009]

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