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Alternate names: Ludza [Latv], Liutzin and Люцин [Rus], Ludsen [Ger], Lutsin and לוצין [Yid], Lutsi [Est], Люцын [Belarussian] Lyutsin, Ludze, Lucyn, Luchin, Ludzen, Liutsin, Liutchin. 56°33' N, 27°43' E , 16 miles ENE of Rēzekne (Rezhitsa), 65 miles NE of Daugavpils (Dvinsk). 1900 Jewish population: 2,803.

  • ShtetLink
  • JOWBR: burial list
  • Pinkas HaKehilot, Latvia and Estonia (1988), p. 160: "Ludza"
  • Shtetl Finder (1980), p. 51: "Luchin, Lutzin, Liutchin".
  • JewishGen Latvia SIG, JewishGen Latvia SIG for Ludza.
  • Jewish Community of Ludza, 13-81 Blaunany St., Ludza, Latvia [March 2009]

    VIDEO: Riga-Ventspils/Windau-Ludza-Vilnius (265KB) -This recording includes a video chronicle of the July 1, 1941, Nazi entrance into Riga. 1999 views of a  group of UK tourists visiting the Riga Holocaust site and Jewish school. Conversation with a rabbi. A visit to the seaport town of Ventspils and meeting with members of that community. Views of the synagogue and old cemetery. There is a visit to Ludza with Dr. Kovnat of New Mexico where he met with the Levin family. We searched for Dr. Kovnat's father's house. You will see the small picturesque synagogue and the cemetery.[March 2009]

    Excellent website with history, photos, photos, folklore and more for the settlements such as Rezekne, Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Livani, Preili, and Ludza within Latgale Region. [March 2009]

    CEMETERY: at J. Soikāna St and dates from the early 18th century. See burial list. [January 2011] Burial list and photos and All Latvia Cemetery List [March 2009] photos. [March 2010]

    MASS GRAVE:  J. Soikana Street, 1941, at the cemetery.

    MASS GRAVE:  Cirmas Mass Grave and Monument in Gabranu forest. 1941-1942. Cirma parish (Latvian: Cirmas pagasts) is an administrative unit of Ludza municipality.

    MASS GRAVE: Zvirgzdenes Mass Grave and Monument At Cirmas Lake in Pogulanka forest. August 17 and 27 1941

    MASS GRAVE: Krizuti Mass Grave. Location unknown.

    MASS GRAVE: bij Kjiegelju Rupni Mass Grave: July 1941.

    MASS GRAVE: Rezeknes Street across from Parka and Liepaajas Streets. July 1941.

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