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Alternate names: Līvāni [Latv], Livengof and Ливенгоф [Rus], Livenhof and ליווינהאָף [Yid], Liwenhof [Ger], Lyvanai [Lith], Lievenhof, Livany. 56°22' N, 26°11' E , 36 miles NNW of Daugavpils (Dvinsk) and at the junction of the Dubna and Daugava rivers, approximately 170 km E of Riga. 1900 Jewish population: 1,406. Līvāni was a large industrial town, but all that remains is a large glass factory "Līvānu stikls" (Glass of Līvāni).

Within the week of German entry into Kraslova, Jews of Kraslova, Griva, Preili, Vishki, Livani, Dagda and smaller shtetls were ordered  to collect in three synagogues in Kraslava for deportation on July 28, 1941. Allowed to hire carts to bring processions with them, they were guarded overnight at the crowded synagogues by the Latvian auxiliary police and the following day were escorted by the police in carts and on foot 40 km to the newly established Ghetto in Daugavpils. Source with much more information. Excellent website with history, photos, photos, folklore and more for the settlements such as Rezekne, Daugavpils (Dvinsk), Livani, Preili, and Ludza within Latgale Region. [March 2009] [March 2009]

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CEMETERY: on Meža St. photos. [January 2011]

The  Jewish cemetery of  Livani [May 2013]

MASS GRAVE: The exact location is unknown,but possibly near Bucenieki. August 1941

MASS GRAVE: Graveri. August 1941

MASS GRAVE: Kapseti. behind the Jewish cemetery on Meza Street. August 1941.










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