KOKNESE: Vidzeme / Aizkraukle District, Selonia Print

Alternate names: Koknese [Latv], Kokenhusen [Ger], Kokengauzen and Кокенузен [Rus], Kokenhuza [Pol], Kokneses Muiža, Koaknese. 56°39' N, 25°26' E , 55 miles ESE of Rīga, 13 miles E of Gostini and 13 miles W of Jaunjelgava. Koknese municipality on the right bank of the Daugava River. had 2010 population of nearly 3,000.

 MASS GRAVE: The mass grave is located in the town of Kokneses with no signs for the site, but not far from the "Paugas" estate. Take the road from Riga to Daugavpils. After a gas station in Koknese, turn left to reach "Paugu" Street. The site is 4 km from there.

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