JURMALA: Vidzeme Print

Alternate names: Jūrmala [Latvian], Yuomala, Yurmala, Rīgas Jūrmala, Rizhskoye Vzmor'ye, Рижское взморье and Rizhskoe Vzmore [Russian], Rigas Yurmala, Riga-Strand, Rīgas Jormalas Pilsēta, Rigas Iurmala, Riga Beach. 56°58' N 23°45' E, 13.2 miles W of Rīga. Jūrmala, meaning seaside, is a white-sand beach resort town between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River. population: 55,580 in 2010. See Rīga also.

CEMETERY: From Dubulti train station beyond the railroad crossing; turn off Slokas Street onto Skuju Street. At the end of the street, turn onto Lielupes Street and find the cemetery not far from Jaundubulti Municipal Cemetery or from Jaundubulti train station, enter Lielupes Street opposite the station and go to the end of Lielupes Street beyond Jaundubulti municipal cemetery; before the intersection with Skuju Street then turn right into the forest.