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Alternate names: Ilūkste [Latv], Illukst and Илукстъ [Rus], Ilukst [Yid], Illuxt [Ger], Ilūkšta [Lith], Iłłukszta [Pol], Alukste, Alukst, Ilokest, Ilukstes.  55°58' N, 26°18' E in SE Latvia, 11 miles WNW of Daugavpils (Dvinsk).  and 7 miles from Egaline. 1910 Jewish population: 1,016.

By 1795, Ilūkste's strategic location at the crossroads of Lithuania, Belarus and Daugavpils made it an important trade city and regional center with 50 churches, 15 schools, and 150 inns. In WWI, Ilūkste was on the front line and was totally destroyed.  The municipality was formed in 2003 by merger of Pilskalne Parish, Šēdere Parish, Bebrene Parish and Ilūkste town and absorbed Dviete parish, Eglaine parish and Subate town in 2009 with its countryside territory the administrative centre being Ilūkste.

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  • EGLAINE MASS GRAVE: Alternate names: Eglaine [Latv], Yeglayne, Eglayne, Yalovka, Jalowka. 55°57' N, 26°08' E , 16 miles WNW of Daugavpils (Dvinsk). 1935 Jewish population: 25. Encyclopedia of Jewish Life (2001), p. 355: "Eglaine".

    Eglaine parish (Latvian: Eglaines pagasts) is an administrative unit of the Ilūkste municipality. Mass grave without signs is 800m behind Skolas Street, then across the moat. The grave is up the hill on the flat area..

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